Why Sponsor

Getenergy VTEC MENA is a unique market place for training and education organisations to gain the knowledge and contacts necessary to develop a highly capable oil and gas workforce. The proven, politics-free and informal format gives solution providers who are serious about this market an opportunity to get to know clients and their business needs.

Key Features and Benefits

Sponsoring and exhibiting provide you with a platform to showcase your company’s products and/or services in the Learning Arena Exhibition and provide you with:

  • Shell scheme exhibition stand in the Learning Arena – All stands are 3m x 2m to give every company equal footing. This will give you a visible presence amongst the 50 solution providers selected to showcase their solutions, meet with industry representatives and benefit from the Getenergy connections service that is only available to exhibitors.
  • Getenergy Connections Service – Guarantee meeting key people at the event through personal introduction. Simply select the top three people you wish to connect with on the delegate list prior to the event and the Getenergy team will bring them to your stand during one of the networking breaks.
  • Delegate passes with access to Learning Arena Exhibition and Exchange Programme – Have a presence in each of the parallel power-point free, discussion based speaker sessions and a presence in the Learning Arena during the networking breaks.
  • Profile & logo in event Learning Arena Directory (LAD) – Have a visible presence in the event guide given to each of the 600+ attendees.
  • Exhibitor Exchange – An informal drinks reception for all exhibitors aimed at facilitating partnership building amongst the partners

These features will provide you with a platform to:

  • Explore business opportunities with senior representatives from NOCs, IOCs, Service Companies and Contractors.
  • Meet with representatives from across the MENA region
  • Unique event – 100% focus on training and education for the oil and gas industry, and a tried and tested model
  • Small Learning Arena
  • Same sized stands – removes barriers and a chance to be seen on the same level as the big players.
  • Mixture of solution providers – plenty partnership opportunities
  • Long networking breaks – more networking time
  • Lunch and coffee breaks in the Learning Arena – plenty of footfall
  • Sessions – an opportunity to identify people and share your expertise
  • 300 participants (50% buyers, 50% sellers) – benchmark and talk to the right people about your solution
  • Industry talking about their needs in a politics free environment – you can work to their requirements
  • Connections Service – Tell us who you want to meet and we will personally introduce them – Time saving and guaranteed introduction

Why sponsor?

  • Create partnerships and relationships to improve the provision of education and training for the next generation entering the oil and gas industry.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to investing in local education institutions in front of hydrocarbon commissioners.
  • Develop a better understanding of government policy and objectives in the industry.
  • Benchmark and showcase processes, experiences and expertise in developing a highly competent and motivated local workforce.
  • Develop strategies to better align the activities of the education systems with that of the industry in order that local workforce supply can meet the demands of the industry.
  • Engage in dialogue and collaboration with the private and public education and training across the Americas, to create impactful provision education for the oil and gas industry.
  • Exchange best practices, methods and approaches for creating a sustainable local talent pool for the countries of the Americas.
  • Be amongst a marketplace of training and education providers capable of supporting the needs of the industry.