Why Now

During the low oil price “new norm” education & training must remain a priority for the oil & gas industry throughout the MENA Region.  VTEC MENA creates the networks needed for building local capacity within national education systems across the region and to progress the development of capable national workforces that can address the industry’s huge requirement for a skilled, safe and competent workforce.

Developing a capable, sustainably nationalised knowledge economy is essential for the economic diversification of the Middle East and North Africa’s oil and gas industry. For the MENA region’s oil and gas producing countries, employing local people is essential. With new technologies, drives in efficiency and cost reduction, there is a need to develop strong links between industry and education to enable the right number and calibre of workers joining the sector.

For universities, polytechnics, colleges and technical training institutions now is an important time to build lasting links with energy companies in the Middle East and North Africa, who will be there actively seeking to build partnerships with quality education and training providers. These relationships will be brokered at the event in order to develop a locally-based, safe and well trained workforce.