Why Attend

Governments, oil & gas companies and education & training organisations will attend in order to:

  • Initiate or build relationships with each-other to improve the provision of education and training of the next generation of technical workers in the oil and gas industry
  • In order to benchmark and showcase processes, experiences and expertise in developing a highly competent and motivated local workforce
  • Collectively develop strategies to better align the activities of the education systems with that of the industry in order to develop nationals to gain careers in the oil and gas industry.
  • Engage in dialogue and collaboration between the private education and training community, amongst the public education systems in the MENA region to enhance education provision
  • Exchange best practices, methods and approaches for creating a sustainable local talent pool for the MENA region’s oil and gas sector
  • Be amongst a marketplace of training providers capable of supporting the needs of the MENA industry, to build partnerships and collaborate with industry and each other