Prof. Sandro Furlan

Head of Relations with Foreign Universities
Eni Corporate University

Professor Sandro Furlan is responsible for Relations with Foreign Universities at Eni Corporate University. He joined Eni(E.Mattei School), in  February, 1997. He holds a degree in Political and Economic Sciences(University of Triest, Italy, 1986), a Master in Energy Economics(1991-1992) and PhD Studies, (1992-1995) at the Institut Francais du Pétrole(IFP), France.

He is responsible for projects of cooperation with foreign universities at Eni Corporate University. Among the others, he implemented the following projects(Algeria, Ghana,  Mozambique, Angola) and Asia. He is also invited professor in Geopolitics of Energy and Energy & Environmental Economics

He has been senior researcher at IFP School, Paris, France, REXECODE-Paris, France ( French Industry Association Studies Dept) from 1995 to 1997: Chief Economist of Country studies(energy & Transports) for Italy

Prof. Sandro Furlan will be speaking at:

Eni Case Study – Mozambique Training Project

2017/01/27 11:10 - 12:10

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