Iraq Study Group – opportunities in education & training

13:00 - 15:00

Despite the impact of security challenges, governing complexities and the price of oil, there are significant education and training opportunities in Iraq and the KRI as the recruitment, training and development of locals remains a major priority.
Drawing upon experiences from oil and gas companies, government and the education/training community we discuss:
– How different companies are approaching local capacity development
– Opportunities for training organisations to support the upstream industry
– How public education institutions can form partnerships and better align with industry needs
– Current training and education priorities in Iraq and the KRI
– How curriculum, standards and assessments can aid companies in quality assurance
– Government approaches to supporting the alignment between industry, education & training
– Quantifying the skills needs faced by the E&P sector in Iraq and the KRI
– How shortfalls in STEM, HSE and English language should be addressed

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