Iran Study Group – the opening of a market

15:00 - 17:00

Since the removal of sanctions, Iran has increased production by more than 25%, creating an enormous opportunity for growth, modernisation and workforce development, both within the government, national and international companies.
NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company) has over 100,000 employees and some 30 affiliated companies. Whilst there are a significant number of education & training institutions in Iran, the country requires modern training, technology and practices to meet advances within the international oil & gas sector.
The upgrade of training to international standards will require significant international input and new partnerships to be formed, drawing on international expertise in accreditation & certification, learning technologies, experiences and pedagogical approaches. Areas to develop modern E&P practices of focus include, management training, human resources, competency assurance, HSE, language and soft skills, simulation technologies, technical training and many others.

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