How industry and education partnerships drive businesses forward

09:30 - 00:00

Developing strategic partnerships between the oil & gas industry, universities and TVET institutions provides significant opportunities for developing the skills of students at the beginning of their careers. Partnerships with education institutions are approached in different ways by different organisations; there are significant benefits to students, faculty and industry, primarily with support on curriculum development, an access to local talent, opportunities in R&D and faculty development.
During this session, we will discuss case studies and success factors for industry/academic partnerships, highlighting:
– How academic institutions maintain relationships with industry during a low oil price
– The opportunity for industry facilitating international partnerships with other institutions
– The value of aligning the needs of industry with education, to support the alignment of faculty and curricula
– Who to partner with within organisations and how partnerships should commence?
– How best can education institutions position themselves as partners to the industry?

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